"Time Team Yr 17" på TV10 Onsdag 22/03 | - www.tvguiden.se
Om avsnittet Längd: 50min

Brittish documentary from 2010. Archaeology isn’t just about digging up the mysterious remains of the long dead. It can reveal how we used to live in amazing detail. Tony Robinson and his team explore brand new sites and uncover their hidden secrets. The team have three days to dig, research and reveal – excavating everything from Palaeolithic remains to oddities from the much more recent past. Illuminating CGI and top experts bring the past to life as the digs unfold and items buried for hundreds, maybe thousands of years see the light of day. Tony och teamet åker till den skoska ön Mull för att utforska vad de tror är ett kapell uppfört av St. Columba när kristendomen kom till norra Enland.